Saturday, December 3, 2022

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WPBS-TV is pleased to announce the Snowtown Film Festival will feature “Folklore & Frost: Haunted Happenings” as an “Official Selection” at their two-day event on Saturday, January 27th, 2018. The festival, now in its fourth year, celebrates winter and “North Country Spirit” through film. The festival will open Friday, January 26th, with a reception and feature presentation and will continue through Saturday, January 27th, with a full day of film selections, filmmaker panels, short film competition and award ceremony. For more information about the festival or to purchase tickets please visit

About Folklore & Frost: Haunted Happenings

WPBS-TV presents Folklore & Frost: Haunted Happenings… the stories of strange occurrences in Northern New York! A young couple on a fateful date to the Lowville Town Hall movie theater gets more than just a matinee as they are drawn into the inexplicable nightmare…of Folklore and Frost.

Olive Paddock bequeathed the Paddock mansion to the Jefferson County Historical Society in 1922 – the overly protective owner may still be watching over her stately home…

The strange history of the Hubbard House in Champion, New York, built in 1820 includes a will stipulating that the house must never be sold outside the family. It’s now home to the Four River Valleys Historical Society, but the original owners may still live there…

Tug Hill Annie died tragically in a car accident in 1954, and seems forever doomed to walk along a lonely stretch of Route 177 in Lewis County…

In 1889, the schooner ship Bavaria was found washed ashore in Henderson Harbor. No bodies were ever found. So… what happened to their crew?

At Thompson Park, there may exist a supernatural vortex to another dimension. Where individuals reportedly lose track of time.


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About Snowtown Film Festival

Snowtown Film Festival is a two-day film organized to foster appreciation for the art of film-making and to encourage the development of independently produced films that celebrate our legendary Northern New York winters. The Snowtown Film Festival offers official film selections, and a juried film competition in downtown Watertown, NY.

Snowtown Film Festival provides a unique form of culturally-enriching entertainment in Northern New York, celebrating our long, cold winters through the medium of film. Visit them online at