Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Explosions Shook an Aleppo Hospital. One Young Mother Kept Filming. | “For Sama” | FRONTLINE

Wrapped in a pink-and-white striped blanket, the baby girl coos at her mother, who gently speaks and sings to her from the other side of the camera. Eyes wide, the baby reaches for a tiny foot and brings it to her mouth. For just a moment, it could be any smitten new mom’s footage of her baby daughter. Then comes the sound of an explosion.

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Moments like this one, where joy and attempts at normalcy collide with unimaginable violence, are woven throughout the new documentary “For Sama” — a powerful chronicle of one young woman’s journey through love, motherhood and survival during the Syrian conflict.

That young woman is filmmaker Waad al-Kateab, mother to baby Sama, in the scene above. In shaky handheld footage from the film’s opening moments, we watch al-Kateab and others rush down to the basement in search of safety. An explosion hits, and a corridor fills with smoke.

The building they’re in, we realize, is a hospital.

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