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New WPBS-DT Program Available for Local Schools URBAN MISSION DWI Initiative Panel Discussion

Watertown, NY – WPBS-DT recorded a DWI victim’s impact panel in April, 2013 in partnership with the Watertown Urban Mission. Segments from the program, Suffering the Consequences: Stop DWI, will be broadcast on Wednesday, October 9 at 7:30 PM. The program will be followed up at 8:00 PM with a special edition of the 60 minute ‘live’ call-in program, WPBS LIVE! in which host Don Alexander will examine the impact and consequences of driving while intoxicated with select guests from the DWI victim’s impact panel.

Viewers are encouraged to participate and pose questions or make comments to the panel during the show by calling 315-782-8600 or emailing

“This panel helps to put a human face on the tragedies that are a very real consequence of driving while intoxicated.” said Erika Flint, Executive Director of the Watertown Urban Mission. “Through this panel, these families have taken their tragedy and turned it into a positive, using their testimony to prevent future tragedies. It has also helped them heal through the bonds they have made with each other.”

The Panel featured an expanded lineup of speakers, including seven families who lost loved ones to DWI related vehicle accidents, a statement from a woman currently serving time for killing someone in a DWI related crash, Jefferson County Judge Kim Martusewicz, District Attorney Cindy Intschert, and Bridge Program Director Sal Ciulo.

“DWI is something that is easily avoided and has a real cost,” Sal said. “This panel is intended to show people who might think driving drunk is no big deal that no matter if you’re buzzed or falling over drunk, you put yourself at risk and others. These families are suffering because someone they loved was killed by an irresponsible choice, and we want to help everyone make the responsible choice to never get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle if they’ve been drinking alcohol.”

Generous corporate support was provided by CREDO Community Center, Jefferson-Lewis BOCES and STAT Communications, allowing for a DVD of the program to be distributed to area schools, and libraries in the 3 county area, and reach as many people as possible to help reinforce its message about the risks of driving while intoxicated.

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Segments from Suffering the Consequences: Stop DWI WPBS LIVE! Panel Discussion
Wednesday, October 9 at 7:30 PM Wednesday, October 9 at 8:00PM

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