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Donkey Hodie | Bedtime Stories Compilation | PBS KIDS

Get ready for sleep with your favorite Someplace Else pals and Donkey Hodie Bedtime Stories. Join Donkey Hodie, Purple Panda, Duck Duck, and Bob Dog as they snuggle into bed, wind down, and read their beloved books before turning out the lights and saying goodnight. Along with nursery rhymes and songs from Daniel Tiger and friends — it’s a fun, restful time for the entire family.

00:04 – 6:13: Donkey Hodie Bedtime Stories: The Amazing Radish and Super Porcupine’s Bouncity Bounce Day
Donkey Hodie calms down for sleep with stretches and a bedtime story. In a comic book about her favorite superheroes, can The Amazing Radish and Super Porcupine save Someplace City from a bouncy foe?

06:14 – 7:31: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: “You Can Do What Helps You Rest” Song
Daniel and his friends sing about the things they do to help them rest.

07:32 – 13:17: Donkey Hodie Bedtime Stories: Purple Panda’s Night-Night Countdown
Purple Panda settles in for bed with a warm bear hug and a story he wrote himself! In the book, Panda counts down from ten as he sees all the ways his pals in Someplace Else get ready to say goodnight.

13:18 – 14:24: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: A Daniel Goodnight Song 5-4-3-2-1
A lullaby to help Daniel count down and calm down and be ready for sleep.

14:25 – 20:03: Donkey Hodie Bedtime Stories: Dalmatian Dan, Doggie Detective
Bob Dog gets ready for sleep with calming, deep barks and a bedtime story. In this hide-and-seek book, Dalmatian Dan asks readers to help spot Cora Cat, the best hider in the city. Can you find her?

20:04 – 22:08: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: The Bedtime Song
Mom sings to Daniel Tiger to help him fall asleep.

22:09 – 27:15: Donkey Hodie Bedtime Stories: One Tiny Day
Duck Duck winds down for sleep with relaxing wing stretches and a bedtime story. She reads a book about many things that happen in nature in one tiny day.

27:16 – 29:14: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Katerina’s Bedtime Book
It’s Katerina’s bedtime! She reads a bedtime book to her mom.

29:15 – 34:55: Donkey Hodie Bedtime Stories: Hee-Haw Hannah and the Dinos
Donkey Hodie gets ready for sleep with calming stretches and a bedtime story. In the book, Hee-Haw Hannah sees three crying dinos but can’t figure out why they’re so sad. Can she find a way to help them?

34:56 – 36:32: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel and Miss Elaina Rest
It’s naptime at school. Teacher Harriet helps Daniel and Miss Elaina rest.

36:33 – 41:41: Donkey Hodie Bedtime Stories: Pauline Loves Purple
Purple Panda calms down for sleep with a big bear hug and a bedtime story. He reads a book about Pauline, a young panda who loves all the purple things in her world.

41:42 – 42:45: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: “Count Down to Calm Down” Song
It’s time for all the neighbors to calm down and get ready for sleep.

42:46 – 47:50: Donkey Hodie Bedtime Stories: Mary Had An Elephant
Bob Dog gets cozy for sleep with deep barks and a bedtime story. In a book inspired by the nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” Mary has an elephant, and their playdate keeps getting bigger and bigger!

47:51 – 49:09: Nursery Rhyme: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Stargaze with FRANCES ENGLAND today as she sings “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”!

49:10 – 54:33: Donkey Hodie Bedtime Stories: Fiona Froggy Hop-Hops to Bed
Duck Duck relaxes before sleep with some wing stretches and a bedtime story. In her book, Fiona Froggy is very tired, but she cannot fall asleep! How will Fiona get some rest?

54:34 – 58:07: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: It’s Time for Bed
Daniel chooses one more thing to do before it’s time for bed.

58:08 – 1:01:18: Through the Woods: Fairies and Fireflies
Rider, Dad, and Wolfie discover glowing “fairies” while walking to Grammie’s house.

1:01:19 – 1:02:50: Nursery Rhyme: Row Row Row Your Boat
Join THE OKEE DOKEE BROTHERS as they sing “Row Row Row Your Boat”!

1:02:51 – 1:04:59: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – Trolley Tunes: Ride Along So Quietly
The sun is going down and Baby Margaret is falling asleep so Daniel and his friends sing as quietly as they can. Can you sing softly too?

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