Thursday, June 20, 2024

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Dinosaur Train FULL EPISODE | Love Day / A New Leaf | PBS KIDS

Tiny wakes up feeling a little sad. When asked why, she can’t really explain it: “Sometimes I just feel sad.” To cheer her up, Shiny decides to show her how much she loves her. It goes over so well it starts a love-sharing chain reaction, as one by the one the Pteranodon Family gets in the on the action! / After Tiny, Shiny, Buddy, and Don are feeling “over-burdened” by chores and requests for help with small things from Mom and Dad – basically the kids just want to play – a plan is hatched. Mom and Dad come up with a fun scavenger hunt in the nest area that cleverly has the kids doing their chores even as they play. The hunt includes simple riddles the kids have to solve. Mom and Dad have certain items to be hunted for that involve cleaning up an area first, etc. (Note: it’s the beginning of Autumn, so some leaves are changing colors, others are falling.) A surprise last scavenger clue brings the family to the Dinosaur Train to consult with the Conductor… and have a Dining Car dinner.

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