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WPBS-DT's Read & Tell page is an on-line book report. Read a book to your child or encourage them to read on their own and report the title, author and what they liked best about the book. Read & Tell teaches your young learners to summarize in their own words. Complete the form below and even submit a photo of your young readers. This is a great way to share a child's favorite stories with others. Remember to Read & Tell on!


From: Sam and Julie

Title: The Very Grouchy Ladybug

Author: Eric Carle

Comments: It really "Bugs" us when we don't get to read our favorite books. We love stories by Eric Carle like the Grouchy Ladybug and Brown Bear Brown Bear.

From: Julie S.

Title: Cinderella

Author: Disney

Comments: I love Fairy Tales! They are my favorite books to read. I also like Biscuit books cause I have a dog like Biscuit. But I named my dog butterscotch not biscuit.

From: Addison O.

Title: If You're Happy and You Know It

Author: Jan Ormerod and Lindsey Gardiner

Comments: Addison loves this story. It makes her very happy, after the story she sings the song with Mommy and Daddy! Reading is her favorite!

From: Logan K.

Title: Hooray For Teeth

Author: Gina Shaw

Comments: This book teaches us about the different kinds of teeth that animals and people have and how to take care of them.

From: Rex R.

Title: Clifford the Puppy: Peekaboo

Author: Norman Bridwell

Comments: Rex already loves his Clifford book. He loves the colors and pictures of his favorite big red dog!

From: Natali M.

Title: A Fish Out of Water

Author: Helen Palmer

Comments: This book is about Otto. He is a fish that gets really big when the boy feeds him too much.

From: Tyler B

Title: PeekaBoo

Author: Not Provided

Comments: This book has flaps. Tyler likes to flip them up to see what's under them. Plus it keeps him quiet during church.

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