What is a public television member? The WPBS Creed of Honor:

Members feel public television is worth paying for. We must guarantee that it is TV worth watching. Members deserve value and excellence for their financial support in the programming they watch and the service they receive.

Members are good friends with a capital "F." Treat them as part of the family. Members are a source of ideas, requests, demands, criticism, and support. Keep the promises you make to them. Honor their requests. Welcome their criticism as an opportunity to prove we care, and can improve. Be honest. Acknowledge their treatment, and apologize. Members' decisions to continue their support are made one member at a time.

We are not doing a member a favor by serving her or him. They are doing us a favor by providing us the opportunity to do so. Members are precious and too easy to lose. It is easier not to give than to give.

Members will win any and every argument. Their perception of service is real and we must face it.

Members are heroes. They have paid for what everyone receives free. Honor them at every opportunity. Show them appreciation. Give them recognition. Say thanks, sincerely.

Member Benefits

Your Membership helps to insure that WPBS-DT continues to provide the highest quality programs and educational services for you, your family and for future generations to enjoy. Thank you for making a difference!

With ALL membership levels:

  • Receive our "Insights" Member Magazine, our ever-popular viewers' guide. This monthly journal offers an extensive listing of what's on WPBS-DT, as well as details about upcoming station events.
  • Whenever a viewer becomes a WPBS Member, they also have the opportunity to enroll their children as Junior Members at no extra cost! Enroll your own children, a niece, nephew, grandchild or a friend's child up to age of 12. more info. Learn More >>

We have membership levels for every budget: Visit our online pledge form and select a membership option that is right for you.