WPBS-DT is far more than television. Television is simply a means by which we deliver valuable resources to our community. WPBS-DT conducts four membership drives, two auctions and a variety of educational outreach events throughout each year to advance the mission of WPBS- DT and better serve our community.

From our inception in 1958, WPBS-DT has recognized that television is a powerful instrument that can be used for good or ill. It can raise the level of discourse in our society, but it can also degrade it. It can broaden our horizons, but it can also narrow our worldview. It can bring us together, or leave us isolated and self-absorbed.

At WPBS-DT, we work each day to put television to good use for the benefit of everyone in our region:

As a public service, we benefit by improving the community on which we depend for support. We succeed to the extent that our children learn, our viewers become engaged in matters that concern them, and those within our communities join together in a common cause.

For children, we are a story-teller and teacher. For families, we are the channel they trust, a valued friend that shares their values. For adults, we are a source of childlike wonder and lifetime learning.

Teachers find tools to help educate their students. Adult learners turn to us for the chance to earn a diploma. Newcomers learn English through our outreach services. Those who cannot read come to us to learn a skill that others take for granted.

WPBS is an integral part of this community. The professionals and volunteers who work to make WPBS-DT possible are people who live alongside you. Your neighborhoods, schools, churches, parks, and community institutions are also the places where we live, study, worship, and play.

WPBS-DT is not just public television, but quite literally the public's television, a community resource that is dedicated to serving everyone through our quality television programs, our educational services, our outreach projects, and our involvement in the community. We hope you enjoy the variety of events offered each year as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.