Norm and Nancy HartIt was an easy choice as we wanted to thank WPBS for all the years we have benefitted from high quality, varied, interesting, entertaining, thought-provoking viewing, and we wanted to donate to the future of this excellent Station.

The Hart Legacy Society was named in honor of Norm and Nancy Hart, long term members of WPBS TV. Norm is a retired university administrator and college professor, and Nancy is an almost-retired standardized patient trainer. Both have decided to leave a legacy gift to WPBS with the intention of continuing the work we have begun at WPBS-TV.

Your planned gift to WPBS helps in so many ways: securing local programs and services that benefit area residents; providing a safe television haven and fun learning environment for children; helping us maintain the equipment and infrastructure that allows us to reach residents far and wide. In short, your gift will help WPBS-TV remain a vibrant and vital community resource for future generations.

Many Ways to give

Your gift can be allocated in a variety of ways, and ensure that future generations can continue to derive the many benefits that WPBS provides. Endowments, gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts are just some of the tools available to help insure that your generous legacy lives on to the benefit of many.

We'd be happy to work with you and your advisors to help you plan a gift that meets your personal and philanthropic needs.

Please consider leaving a gift to WPBS-TV. The Harts’ passionately believe in the value that public broadcasting brings to our two-nation community. Your own legacy can have an impact and influence WPBS-TV long into the future. Please be sure to notify us of your intentions so that we may properly thank you for your gift. Please call Julie Weston at 315-782-3142 ext 216 or email her for more information at

"With WPBS in our home, we don't need cable or 'program packages'. WPBS offers the Arts, Current Events, Science, Drama, Music, Comedy, Intrigue, Health, History . . . there's something for everyone!"

-Norm and Nancy Hart

Norm and Nancy Hart's Testimonial Video