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WPBS-DT is pleased to announce the screening of “School Inc. A Personal Journey with Andrew Coulson”, Tuesday, September 19th at 6pm. Join WPBS and be a part of the live studio audience as we live stream and tape the panel discussion, which will then be aired following the three-part School Inc. docu-series on September 24th. Panel guests from local educational agencies will be on hand to discuss the film and field questions from the audience. This screening is free and open to the public.

The docuseries will begin airing on WPBS-DT at 1:00 pm on Sunday, September 24.  The panel discussion will follow at 4:00 pm.  Don Alexander, CEO of Jefferson County Economic Development, will host the panel discussion, with guests Stephen Todd, District Superintendent of the Jefferson-Lewis BOCES; Lisa A. Parsons, Assistant Principal, South Jefferson High School; and Sister Ellen Rose Coughlin, SSJ, Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of Ogdensburg.

About School Inc.

Why doesn’t education use innovation to grow like a successful business? School Inc. -A Personal Journey with Andrew Coulson, follows the late Andrew Coulson, series creator/writer/host and senior fellow of education policy at Cato Institute’s Center for Education Freedom, as he sets out on a worldwide personal quest for an answer to this question.

School, Inc. is a global exploration of discovery by the late Andrew Coulson, senior fellow of education policy at Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom. He takes viewers on a worldwide personal quest for an answer to the question- if you build a better way to teach a subject, why doesn’t the world beat a path to our door, like they do in other industries? The three-part documentary exposes audiences to unfamiliar and often startling realities: the sad fate of Jaime Escalante after the release of the feature film Stand and Deliver; Korean teachers who earn millions of dollars every year; private schools in India that produce excellent results but charge only a month; current U.S. efforts to provide choices and replicate educational excellence; and schools in Chile and Sweden-in which top K-12 teachers and schools have already begun to “scale-up,” reaching large and ever-growing numbers of students.

Like the Cosmos and Connections series that inspired it, School, Inc. takes viewers on a personal journey, led by an expert so passionate about his field that he made arrangements before his eminent death to ensure the documentary would be completed. Coulson offers his analysis with a sense of circumspection about the limits of science, as well as a sense of humor. From its surprising twists to its beautiful visuals, the series doesn’t just edify, but entertains.

Sadly, Andrew Coulson passed away on February 7, 2016, of brain cancer, at the age of 48.

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