Sunday, May 9, 2021

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Hero Elementary FULL EPISODE | AJ’s Extra Superpower | PBS KIDS

When a little girl’s toys keep disappearing from her backyard, Sparks’ Crew discovers the culprit is a neighbor’s dog. How will they keep it...

PBS KIDS Talk About | Standing Up for Yourself & Others | PBS KIDS

In today's "PBS KIDS Talk About: Standing Up for Yourself & Others" real families sat down to have honest conversations about what to do...

Dinosaur Train NEW MOVIE | Adventure Island Movie Coming April 12th! | PBS KIDS

Buckle up and hold on tight for a new Dinosaur Train movie Monday, April 12th on PBS KIDS! Watch and play more videos and games...

Elinor Wonders Why | Ari’s Messy Room! | PBS KIDS

Ari can't find his new bouncy ball, so he takes Elinor and Olive to his room to find it. The only problem is Ari...

Activity Challenge! | Nature Cat’s Litter Crusade Brigade! | PBS KIDS

PBS KIDS challenges you to join the Litter Crusade Brigade challenge with Nature Cat! Work together to help keep your community clean. Don't forget...

Hero Elementary FULL EPISODE | Hail Caesar / Picture Perfect | PBS KIDS

When a hailstorm causes damage around Citytown, Sparks’ Crew calls upon the famous hero, Hail Caesar, to help them understand more about hail. /...

Curious George | George Learns How Germs Make You Sick | PBS KIDS

Toots, the germ, sings to George about how germs make him feel sick. Watch and play more videos and games at or download...

Xavier Riddle & the Secret Museum | Jesse Owens Races Home | PBS KIDS

The kids meet Jesse Owens in a strawberry field. He is racing his sister to see who can get their basket of strawberries home...

Curious George | George Dyes Eggs with His Friends | PBS KIDS

George learns about primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) when dying eggs with his friends. Watch and play more videos and games at or...

PBS KIDS Talk About | Differences and Similarities | PBS KIDS

How do you have serious conversations with your kids? In "PBS KIDS Talk About: Differences and Similarities" real families sat down to have honest...

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood | Daniel Goes to the Market! | PBS KIDS

Daniel and Dad Tiger go to the market to get groceries. Daniel wants to get some cookies but Dad Tiger says they have to...

Hero Elementary | New Episodes Coming March 29th | PBS KIDS

PBS KIDS believes you are a hero! All heroes share one thing in common--helping others and being kind. New episodes coming March 29th on...