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“Beware of Washington” | Choice Moments | FRONTLINE

In 1993, Hillary Clinton arrived in Washington, D.C. ready to serve as a key player in her husband’s new administration. But the first lady would face strong resistance.

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“She was not coming in as the first lady who was going to stay home and bake cookies and make tea,” says Sally Quinn, the longtime Washington Post columnist, “She was going to make policy and that was very clear. And so there were an awful lot of people who were out of sorts about this.”

The clash between the first lady and the Washington establishment would leave an indelible impression on Hillary Clinton as she came to learn just how brutal politics in the nation’s capital could be.

“Beware of Washington” was drawn from FRONTLINE’s acclaimed election series “The Choice,” which premieres Tues., 9/27 on PBS and online at

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