Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Behind the Social – Vote for our panel at SXSW Interactive 2015

Calling all armchair appraisers and Cumberfans! Find out how the producers of some of public media’s most popular TV and radio shows create and disseminate social media content with a fraction of the budget and staff of the for-profit networks.

The members of this panel feed 1.5 million passionate fans on Facebook and Twitter every day. But how do you keep your brand on people’s minds when you’re not on the air year-round? How do you make Faberge interesting to someone who loves Folk Art? How do you promote Downton Abbey when you don’t have the legal rights to use a photo of… oh wait, we can’t use their name either.

We have all heard the standard fare: You need to post more regularly! Show your personality! Engage with your fans! But we want to dig deeper than that. We want to give you a look behind the curtain and give you a chance to ask us anything you want to know. Use #BehindTheSocial to send us questions before SXSW ’15!