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Baking bread was the epitome of 2020, Elizabeth Acevedo says | Mementos 2020

Early on in the pandemic, author and poet Elizabeth Acevedo spent weeks perfecting a new skill: making bread. Then, her husband developed a gluten allergy. Bread could no longer be eaten at home.

“Once a week, I’d make a loaf of bread. And now, we can’t have bread in the house,” she told the PBS NewsHour. “And for me, this is, like, the epitome of 2020. I think so much of this year is about what has been rising to the surface. I think it’s been about, what do we have to punch down? What do we have to kind of massage into place? What do we plait together and try to think about binding stronger?”

And even Acevedo is no longer needing to make bread, she said that wasn’t time loss because it was an “expertise that was great for that moment.”

The PBS NewsHour asked 11 artists and writers about which memento best expressed their experience this year. Here’s what they said:

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