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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

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All Star Auction

Show Case Your Company, Product, or Service on TV!

Donor Levels & Benefits


$ 1,000+ (single item)
We produce a 30-second video promoting your donation and business. Four or more featured presentations during auction.
Online Buyer's Guide premium listing.


$ 500-999 (single item)
Your business featured four times during auction.
Online Buyer's Guide premium listing.


$ 250-499 (single item)
Your business featured three times during auction.
Online Buyer's Guide premium listing.

Boards A - D

$ 50-249 (single item)
Your business featured two times during auction.
Online Buyer's Guide premium listing.
*Donate 9 items >$50 and be featured as an MVP all 9-nights on godl cards!
  • Please donate an item(s) that best represents your business and appeals to a large audience.
  • The more valuable your donation, the more on-air promotion and visibility you receive.
  • Donate before 3/1 to receive maximum exposure.
  • All items are listed with your donor information on the Online Buyer's Guide.
  • You will receive a tax reciept

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Terms and Exceptions

All donated items become the property of WPBS-TV. Due to time contraints, some items may not appear on-air and may be sold online. All merchandise must be nwe and undamaged. Some graphics and descriptions may be obtained from donor websites. Art, antiques, and collectibles should be in marketable condition. WPBS-TV reserves the right to authenticate the value of donations and to approve all scripts for on-air prsesentation. Receipt will be supplied via mail by the Auction Office after an annual audit. Signing this form authorizes WPBS-TV to contact you via phone, fax, email, and/or mail in the future.

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