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An Excerpt from “The Discord Leaks” | FRONTLINE + The Washington Post

Jack Teixeira, who went on to allegedly leak classified documents on Discord while working for the Air National Guard, worried that a security clearance investigation would uncover his behavior on the chat platform, a young woman who dated him says in a scene from “The Discord Leaks.”

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Watch a scene from “The Discord Leaks,” FRONTLINE and The Washington Post’s documentary investigating one of the biggest leaks of government secrets in U.S. history, allegedly by 21-year-old Jack Teixeira. For the full story, watch “The Discord Leaks,” releasing Dec. 12.

From an award-winning team that includes FRONTLINE directors Thomas Jennings and Annie Wong and Post reporters Shane Harris, Samuel Oakford and Chris Dehghanpoor, the documentary draws on months of groundbreaking reporting by The Post, including access to hundreds of the leaked documents its reporters obtained. The documentary includes new collaborative reporting with FRONTLINE like that in the above excerpt, revealing in greater detail Texeira’s online world and his history of violent threats, racism and conspiracy theories. The investigation raises tough questions about how the military’s vetting process addresses applicants’ internet activity, how Discord polices hate speech on its platform, and why the alleged leaker — who has pleaded not guilty — wasn’t stopped sooner despite multiple red flags.

“The Discord Leaks” is a FRONTLINE production with 2over10 Media in association with The Washington Post. The producers and directors are Thomas Jennings and Annie Wong. The writer is Thomas Jennings. The Washington Post reporters are Shane Harris, Samuel Oakford and Chris Dehghanpoor. The senior producers are Dan Edge and Frank Koughan. The executive editor of The Washington Post is Sally Buzbee. The editor-in-chief and executive producer of FRONTLINE is Raney Aronson-Rath.

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