Friday, May 27, 2022

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AMERICAN MASTERS | The Women’s List Trailer | PBS

Watch the full-length episode at “
” (US Only) The Women’s List airs Fri., Sept. 25 at 9 pm on PBS (check local listings). #WomensListPBS

Meet 15 women who define contemporary American culture in Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ new “List” film featuring Madeleine Albright, Margaret Cho, Edie Falco, Betsey Johnson, Alicia Keys, Nancy Pelosi, Rosie Perez, Wendy Williams, Nia Wordlaw, Sara Blakely, Laurie Anderson, Shonda Rhimes, Gloria Allred, Elizabeth Holmes and Aimee Mullins. All trailblazers in their fields, these women share their experiences struggling against discrimination and overcoming challenges to make their voices heard.