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Algonquin College Student Documentaries Airing Saturday Dec. 18 on WPBS

OTTAWA (December 15, 2021) – WPBS will be airing a series of short documentaries produced by Algonquin College Film and Media Production students this Saturday night, Dec. 18, starting at 10 p.m.

Students have been creating the short films over the past number of months, and PBS has agreed to give them each a world premier this Saturday. For those wishing to watch the events online, WPBS will be also be airing them over Facebook Live using this link. Some of the documentaries featured include:

The Show Must Go On(line) shows the versatility of artists during the COVID-19 pandemic by exploring the long-running musical career of Algonquin College professor and New York Times interviewee Danielle Allard. This documentary follows Prof. Allard as she increases traction on social media/streaming sites during the pandemic and serves as an example to the public to show the direction in which modern day entertainment is going. The Show Must Go On(line) is directed by Min (Lexie) Hsu.

The Origins of Inspiration is a short documentary exploring the concept of creativity and inspiration featuring Ottawa-based cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne. In an exclusive interview at the Ottawa Arts Court, Raphael Weinroth-Brown reveals the secrets behind creating art. The Origins of Inspiration is produced and directed by Christian Guerin.

Life’s a Drag Without Sunshine is a documentary short film directed by student Tera Bruinsma and featuring Ottawa’s newest Drag Queen, Sunshine Glitterchild. Life’s a Drag Without Sunshine is a relevant and timely documentary exploring how Ottawa’s drag community has welcomed its newest member. In just eight minutes, we follow Sunshine’s transformation from waking up to performing at one of Ottawa’s most popular queer clubs while she discusses the not so glamourous side of performance and entertainment within the LGTBQ2S+ community.

Inside is a short documentary about an Algonquin College student attempting to enter the world of boxing with little to no experience. He’ll be talking with an ex-boxer to try and understand what kind how to succeed in the sport while exploring the hardest parts of being a boxer outside of the ring. Inside is directed by Gage Sadler.

Tony: A Limerick Story is the inspiring story of Tony Carey. Tony is living in Limerick in 1970 and faces trials of war, love, and home, ultimately emigrating to Canada and starting over. Produced and directed by Rowen Carey, Tony: A Limerick Story shows how to learn and grow from what has happened in the past.

Degree(s) takes a deep dive into past and present university students Sandra and Gabbi, their choices leading up to university, chosen undergraduate degrees, and career path. Directed and produced by Sydney WardDegree(s) localizes the inconsistencies in student support and career education, debt accumulated by university students, and lack of fulfillment the chosen career path.

Roots is a short documentary that explores the origins, closing, and rebirth of a school that brought people together and created bonds that went beyond the property. During her retirement in 1981, Dr. Agatha Sidlauskas created a school in Carp, Ontario to fill gaps in a failing education system. Directed and produced, Maya Brown, Roots reminds viewers of moments that can only be described as magic, and of who those who create legacies.

Grandpa Wilf is about an individual who chose to live his life his way, all the way to the end. To those who were near and dear to him, this documentary is a memorial and a celebration of his life. To those who only know him as a stranger, through this presentation, you will come to understand who he was as well as understand the good mark he left in the world. Grandpa Wilf is directed by his grandson, Liam Bernard.

Sleepless Nightlife is a gripping documentary about an insomniac’s travels around his college campus to find other students like him. This fly-on-the-wall documentary shows what happens on campus when classes are over and the sun is down. Sleepless Nightlife is directed by Nolan Fler.