Sunday, November 28, 2021

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A Hero’s Welcome? The veteran experience at home | Past Forward

American Experience presents a virtual PAST FORWARD discussion—inspired in part by their film The Blinding of Isaac Woodard—that will explore the history of representation, respect, and support of BIPOC and women veterans, as well as where we are today in this regard.

Veterans returning home from service have often faced hurdles to resuming civilian life. On top of these universal experiences, BIPOC and women veterans encounter additional challenges due to their identity. For Sgt. Isaac Woodard in 1946, this took the form of physical assault and blinding despite his service. Today these barriers often take subtler forms.

Our panelists will discuss the experiences of veterans returning home to find that their service was not enough to earn them the full respect and opportunity they deserved, and how we can better support the people whom we call America’s heroes.

Featured guests include:

Richard Brookshire – Co-founder and Board Chair of the Black Veterans Project

Elizabeth Estabrooks – Deputy Director, VA Center for Women Veterans

The conversation will be moderated by Adriane Lentz-Smith, Associate Professor of History at Duke University.

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