Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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A Cop’s Surprising Interaction with a Heroin User | Chasing Heroin | FRONTLINE

“Stop crying, babe. We don’t care … I’m not putting you in jail.”

Those aren’t words you’d expect to hear from a cop who has just encountered someone shooting heroin on the street.

But that’s exactly what Lt. Leslie Mills of the Washington Department of Corrections says to a heroin user in a surprising scene from the new FRONTLINE documentary, “Chasing Heroin.”

This searing, two-hour investigation of America’s heroin crisis explores how and why cities like Seattle are now experimenting with radical new approaches to the drug problem — and examines what happens when addiction is treated like a public health issue rather than a crime.

Watch the full doc Feb. 23 starting at 9/8c:

Chasing Heroin

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