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9/11 Tribute Concert with Darryl Worley

May 22, 2015 – WPBS-DT, Watertown Public Broadcasting, together with Clayton Country Jam, is pleased to announce the 9/11 Tribute Concert with Darryl Worley.  The 9/11 Tribute Concert with Darryl Worley will be a ‘live performance’ at the Clayton Opera House on Friday, September 11th with two performances at 7pm and 9pm.  The ‘live’ performance at 9 pm will be broadcast ‘live’ to the WPBS broadcast community from the Clayton Opera House.

The concert will also be uplinked for use by any/all other PBS stations Nationwide and will be broadcast ‘live’ on the American Forces Network (AFN).  AFN provides radio and television to U.S. troops, Department of Defense civilians and their families serving overseas.  The 9/11 Tribute Concert with Darryl Worley will be offered to 175 territories and 140 ships at sea through the AFN with an uplink provided by WPBS during the ‘live’ performance.

Steve Weed Productions is providing a ‘live’ stream of the program in exactly the same format as the ‘live’ television format used for broadcast and produced by WPBS-DT.  Together, with our partners, including Stephens Media Group, (Froggy 97) we are encouraging American Legions, First Responders, and individuals to host their own 9/11 Tribute Screening Party by tuning into WPBS or watching on-line.

Throughout a career that has produced nearly twenty hit singles, including three #1s, as well as chart-topping albums and sales in the millions, Darryl Worley has set himself one primary goal.

“I’ve always set out to make sure every song on every album is a good one,” he says. “I want every cut to be a potential single.”  It is an approach that has helped to make Darryl a mainstay of modern country music. His unquestioned musical integrity earned him an enviable connection with the American public and a reputation as a genuinely traditional country artist who doesn’t follow trends or fads, but rather his own bedrock convictions as an artist and a person. It doesn’t hurt that he is a distinctive singer and first-rate songwriter whose music chronicles life, love and the world situation with equal facility.

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