Folklore & Frost: The Big County and Beyond

Folklore & Frost: The Big County and Beyond

Folklore & Frost: The Big County and Beyond

Join WPBS-TV on a tour of some of St. Lawrence Countyメs historic sights where モunexplained occurrences" are part of everyday life.

Folklore & Frost: The Big County & Beyond takes you to multiple historic locations in the ムBig Countyメ to include:

The State University of New York at Potsdam: Satterlee Hall, where Dr. Oメ Ward Satterlee still roams the old corridors, and the ghost that haunts the eerie costume shop ナ Knowles Hall, a hot spot for ghostly activity ナ Hosmer Hall, where Helen Hosmer may still be watching over her music students ナ and the janitor who met an untimely end in Maxcy Hall ナ

The Brambles Inn & Gardens in Potsdam, where former owners may be helping the guests get a not-so-good nightメs sleep ナ

The haunted basement below Spankyメs Diner in Massenaナ

The Pine Grove Cemetery in Massena, where some spirits may not be resting quietly.

Don't miss this 30-minute presentation of odd happenings - if you dare.

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