Bread & Cheese Package

Bread & Cheese Package

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Cranberry Ridge Farm
Williamstown, NY

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Item Name: Bread & Cheese Package

Item Number: 413




Thank you to Cranberry Ridge Farm, located in Williamstown, NY for our next item up for bids. This is a bread and cheese package, that contains the following: two packages of Redfield cheese an earthy, mild cheese with a fleeting milky richness, two packages of Apple Jack cheese a creamy, mild goat cheese aged to perfection over 8 months, and two packages of Finn cheese an extra rich European style raw sheep milk cheese. Also included in this package, to enjoy with your cheese, are six loaves of bread. There are two loaves of Raisin Cinnamon, two loaves of Seeded Multi Grain, and two loaves of French Peasant bread. These loaves are made with local NY flour. Cranberry Ridge Farm takes pride in sourcing fresh local ingredients. Visit them online for more information at