200 Sq. Ft. of Pre-Finished Tongue & Groove $576

200 Sq. Ft. of Pre-Finished Tongue & Groove $576

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Donated By:
Johnson Lumber LLC
Carthage, NY

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Item Name: 200 Sq. Ft. of Pre-Finished Tongue & Groove 6

Item Number: 404




Johnson Lumber is a Major Corporate Sponsor of the WPBS Auction! Johnson Lumber is a local family owned sawmill in Carthage cutting Eastern white Pine lumber products since 1977. JohnsonLumber machines high quality Pine products, including tongue and groove and sidings. They pre-finish many pine products for interior and exterior uses. Johson Lumber donated a job lot of their pre-finished 1 x 6 foot tongue and groove to auction off! The job lot is enough to cover a 200 sq. ft. area. The job lot has 80 pieces of all 6' end matched in it. They are clear coated, and ready to be installed! The retail value is $576 Johnson Lumber products are available at your local lumber retailer. Visit them online at JohnsonLumberLLC.com. EXPIRES NOVEMBER 10, 2014