Soap Gift Basket

Soap Gift Basket

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Les Savons de LouLou
Carthage, NY

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Item Name: Soap Gift Basket

Item Number: 391




Thank you to Les Savons (pronounced Se-ven) de LouLou, located on State Street, Carthage, NY for our next item up for bids. This is a cornacopia of handcrafted soap. This gift basket contains a variety of soap including; Feelin' Groovy, Camo, Fire & Ice, Spearmint, Goat Milk Lavender, Trea Tree-Dead Sea Salt, Oatmeal -Honey, Cinnamon-Orange, Hey Sexy Lady, Patchouli, Peppermint-Lavender, Ginger-Lemongrass, and facial soap. This basket also includes a $20 gift certificate to be uses at her shop. At her shop, you will find chemical free, all natural extra virgin olive oil soap and skincare products, including beeswax lip balms, shea butter sticks with beeswax and lavender essential oil, a very rich hand cream for dried hands and cracked finger tips, hydrating face and body lotions, and more! Without parabens, sodium laureth sulfate or artificial coloring and not tested on animals, they are the best for your health. Her products will not only make you look good, they will make you feel good too! Find her online at