Uncle Ralph's Magic Sauce

Uncle Ralph's Magic Sauce

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Seaway Sales Company
Watertown, NY

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Item Name: Uncle Ralph's Magic Sauce

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Thank you to Seaway Sales Company, located in Watertown, NY for our next item up. This is a package of twelve bottles of Uncle Ralph's Sauce in a variety of flavors. Uncle Ralph's Magic Sauce is made in Rochester, NY and Seaway Sales sells this product to local restaurants, pizza and sub shops and local grocery stores for home use. Popular uses for the sauce are chicken wings, sandwiches, meats and any foods that would need a condiment. It is extremely popular as a dip or salsa with chips or crackers. Make Uncle Ralph's Magic Sauce a part of your holiday season with these flavor varieties included in your pack; three bottles of Tropical Paradise, 3 bottles of Carolina Mustard, 3 bottles of Texas Twister, and 3 bottles of Mild. For more information call Seaway Sales Company at 315-788-6460.