Pillar Stick Candle

Pillar Stick Candle

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Stick Candles
Old Forge, NY

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Item Name: Pillar Stick Candle

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Thank you to Douglas Collum of Stick Candles, located in Old Forge, NY for our next item up. This is a 13 inch beeswax, pillar candle that has been cast from a branch. These are beautifully hand crafted candles that would make a unique gift or beautiful addition to anyone's home. Stick Candles were originally made as a gift for his Mother Barbara. Barbara is a Tree and Nature fanatic. She had received candles shaped like sticks as a gift. She loved them so much : by the time she burned them, the source was a mystery. After years of promising, exhausting every resource, and an attempt or two at creating them himself, he finally got serious. Douglas walked in the woods to look for the raw materials, and brought cuttings back to the garage to cast in plaster, alginate, and finally silicone. The results are truly magical. For more information visit StickCandles.com.