$25 Gift Certificate

$25 Gift Certificate

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Hemlock Haven Tree Farm
Sandy Creek, NY

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Item Name: Gift Certificate

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Thank you to Hemlock Haven Tree Farm located in Sandy Creek, NY for our next item up. This is a gift certificate valued at $25 good toward anything sold at Hemlock Haven Farm. Their farm will bring back memories of booted feet crunching through fresh snow, jingling bells, frost-nipped noses and toes and unforgettable scent of fresh Christmas trees. Come walk the fields and find your perfect tree or, if you are not as adventurous, pick one of the freshly cut trees in their covered barn. Take a horse-drawn wagon ride, have some hot chocolate and take pictures with Santa. They offer trees, wreathe and have a full gift shop, visit them during their open house November 29th - 30th and December 7th - 8th. Find them online at HemlockHavenFarm.com.