Heritage Thanksgiving Turkey

Heritage Thanksgiving Turkey

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Whitten Family Farm
Winthrop, NY

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Item Name: Heritage Thanksgiving Turkey

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This is a certificate valued at $100 toward a Heritage Thanksgiving Turkey. Weve got the Real-Thing here. Brighten up your Thanksgiving feast with a 20 lb Heritage Bronze Pastured Turkey fed Locally Grown Organic Grain & Lush Pasture. It is a true Non-GMO Thanksgiving Bird recognized by the Slow Food Ark of Taste. This bird ranged on several acres eating a more natural diet including insects and clover. They typically sell for $5/lb. Grown especially for you by the Whitten Family, in the healthiest manner they know how and you can taste the difference. You can pick up your fresh reserved bird at the farm in Winthrop or they deliver to locations in Potsdam, Massena, Canton and Tupper Lake the week of Thanksgiving. Visit them online at whittenfarmwinthrop.locallygrown.net EXPIRES NOVEMBER 27, 2013. THIS CERTIFICATE IS GOOD ONLY FOR THIS YEAR'S THANKSGIVING SO MAKE SURE TO CONTACT THEM ASAP!