Bronze Knot Sculpture

Bronze Knot Sculpture

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Carol Adamec
Camillus, NY

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Item Name: Bronze Knot Sculpture

Item Number: 334




Thank you to Carol Adamec (Adam-ec), located in Camillus, NY for our next item up. This is an Executive paper weight entitled Bronze Knot. It is a one of kind sculpture and was created with the Lost Wax Bronze Cast technique. This sculpture is meant to be picked up and many can be set down in different positions. This allows you to "play" with the sculpture, rearrange it, and enjoy multiple views. Carol Adamec lived in the Rochester, NY area until 1985 participating in many Rochester and Buffalo area shows and galleries as well as several on Long Island, Westchester County and Florida. Alfred University and SUNY Brockport both have her works in their permanent collections. She has won numerous local and state-wide awards for her bronze castings, ceramic sculptures and pottery. Visit her online to view more of her works at