Gift Basket

Gift Basket

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Hot Mama Gena's Inc.
Lacona, NY

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Item Name: Gift Basket

Item Number: 333




Thank you to Hot Mama Gena's Inc., in Lacona, NY for this beautiful gift basket of delicious items. This basket contains two jars of Pepper Relish, a spicy pepper relish great on burgers, hot dogs and tortilla chips, or anything you want to add a kick to; two jars of Hottie Sauce, a spicy sauce for sausage, pork, homefries, eggs, burger and much more; two jars of Extra Spicy Hottie Sauce, much like the original only in a kicked up version; and two Hubba Hubba Spice Rubs, perfect for adding heat to any meat, rub it on or sprinkle it on! This basket also includes a t-shirt in size Large. After years of the daily grind, Hot Mama Gena decided to throw caution to the wind and share her love of cooking with the public. All items are all natural with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or anti-caking agents. All items are gluten and fat free. Gena's goal is to produce the same high quality food for the public as she would for her own family. Find her online at