Artisan Gift Basket

Artisan Gift Basket

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Artisan's Corner
Clinton, NY

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Item Name: Artisan Gift Basket

Item Number: 302




Thank you to the Artisan's Corner, located in Clinton, NY for this beautiful basket of handcrafted items. This basket contains many one of kind gifts including; a baby sweater in white and pink by Elizabeth Cissi, three Christmas ornaments by Sally Sloane, a hand carved ornament by Donna Hooson, Argan Oil Lotion made by Bunny Storey, a handmade Heart glass necklace by Julie Bigger, pottery soap dispenser by James Burke, a wooden house replica by Sally Glouse, a watercolor print and children's book by Anita and Kevin Fitzgerald, a framed apple tree photograph by Mike Buchler, and finally a painting entitled Whale Watch by Tim Pryputniewicz. You can find the Artisan's Corner online at