Gift Package

Gift Package

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Acorn and Olyphant
Wilmington, NY

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Item Name: Gift Package

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Thank you to Acorn and Olyphant for this adorable gift package of items created using recycled fabric. The re-usable notebook cover is entitled Grandma's Love and is made from recycled corduroy and vintage textiles. It fits most standard size composition notebooks and moleskin notebooks too. Next is an Artisan Pouch made from recyled textiles. It would be great for phones, glasses, or a digital camera, this is a one-of-a kind piece. Lastly, are a set of Bohemian Textile earrings made from recycled textiles and leather, along with some hand painted details, bounce when you walk! For more information and other products you can find them online at, conscious creations, re-purposed with love!