Felted Artwear

Felted Artwear

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Carolyn M. Barnett Designs
Kingston, ON

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Item Name: Felted Artwear

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Thank you to Carolyn M. Barnett Designs, located in Kingston, Ontario for this next item up for bids. This is a one-of-kind felted Swiss Cheese shawl/scarf in a light peach color, measuring 106 x 16 inches.. This holey scarve is hand dyed and constructed from felt strips. A lovely indoor/outdoor scarf will set off a coat, blouse or turtleneck, poke one end through the holes of the other end, have fun! Since 1982 Carolyn Barnett has knit, first by hand then using the domestic knitting machine, her unique sweaters, jackets, cardigans. Carolyn M Barnett learned to knit as a child in England at home and in school. She knit on and off until the early '70's when she started designing some simple handknit sweaters when she couldn't find the pattern she wanted.Recent years have seen more wraps and scarves and other accessories and the recent Ontario Arts Council Grant has allowed Carolyn to delve into felting which she is using to embellish jackets and scarves.Late in 2011 the felting emerged into vests and jackets, something Carolyn has had a passion for for years. Find her online at Barnett-Knits.com.