Lava Light Giclee

Lava Light Giclee

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Casagrain Gallery
Tupper Lake, NY

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Item Name: Lava Light Giclee

Item Number: 286




Thank you to Gary Casagrain for this next item up for bids. Item #286 is a giclee print, entitled Lava Light and is valued at $1200. They say timing is everything. According to Gary, it was the right place at just the right time when he caught sight of this beautiful light. The intense glow began to appear before his eyes. Someone in his group commented that it looked like lava, and Bingo, so it was named. Gary knew how difficult it would be to reproduce the complexities of this light, but with his use of neutral grays he was able to trick the eye into seeing color that is stonger, creating his desired effect. This giclee print is a reproduction of an original oil painting and was reproduced using the giclee process, which uses an archival pigment that can be printed on paper as well as canvas. Each print is signed and numbered on the back and is limited to no more than 75. The beautiful rustic frame was handmade by Gary's wife, Barb. The combination of frame and painting capture the flavor of the Adirondack motif. If you have a specific area in need of something unique, they can design a piece just for you. Originals are also available. Please keep in mind, a fine art creation made for you will enhance not only your life, but the lives, the places and things associated with it.