Birch Bark & Twig Framed Print

Birch Bark & Twig Framed Print

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Rustick Creations
Colton, NY

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Item Name: Birch Bark & Twig Framed Print

Item Number: 281




Are you looking for that beautiful accent piece to decorate your home or cottage? This may be the one! This beautifully framed print entitled Birchbarks, is framed in birch bark and accented with birch twigs, it measures 23 1/2 by 29 inches. This item was donated by Rustick Creations, located in Colton, NY. Fred Preyer works in a classic rustic style, often using twig designs on white birch bark, as well as incorporating stone into his tables and stools. Fred selects, cuts, saws and harvests all natural materials from his land in the foothills of The Adirondack Mountains. Rustick Creations affordable, one of a kind pieces. Visit them online at for more information.