Wooden Teething Set & Wands

Wooden Teething Set & Wands

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3 Princesses Store
Rockland, ON

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Item Name: Wooden Teething Set & Wands

Item Number: 274




Our next item up for bids comes to us from the 3 Princesses Store, located in Rockland, Ontario. They have donated 3 wooden teething toys in the shape of a cell phone, a tv remote and a bunny. These toys are chemical and toxin-free! It's laser engraved on Canadian maple and finished with a baby safe unscented beeswax polish (beeswax, olive oil, carnauba wax). Also included in this package are two wooden wands in yellow and red. Although these wands are chemical free like their teethers, these wands are recommended for children three and over as they are not made for chewing. For more information on all of their handmade products visit them online at 3Princesses.ca