Maple Wall Plaque

Maple Wall Plaque

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Thunder Top Studio
Glenfield, NY

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Item Name: Maple Wall Plaque

Item Number: 269




Thank you to Andrew Hunter of Thunder Top Studio for this beautiful maple wall plaque entitled Home on the Range. This plaque measures 15 by 30 inches and depicts a beautiful country scene. With degrees in Advertising Design, Fine Arts Studio Painting and three years at Munson William Proctor Institute in Utica, N.Y. , Andrew complete his formal education.This is where he learned to work in Oils,Watercolors,Pencil and Inks. His current active mediums are Inks and Pyrographics, better know as Wood Burning . He enjoys doing work on consignment (you have a favorite photo, he can reproduce it on wood with his burning pen ).Please take the time to view the Gallery on Andrew's site at