King Size Log Bed

King Size Log Bed

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Adirondack Log Works
Schroon Lake, NY

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Item Name: King Size Log Bed

Item Number: 254




Thank you to Adirondack Log Works in Schroon Lake, NY for our next item. Item #254, valued at $1065, is a King Size Log Bed crafted from dead standing pine trees. The intricate design in the wood is a natural occurance and is revealed once the logs are hand peeled. This bed is handcrafted and constructed with hidden screws and lagbolts. Specializing in handcrafted log stairs, railings, furniture and more, each order is made from genuine Adirondack pine or cedar, harvested in cooperation with local forest management projects. All logs are hand-peeled and dried naturally before assembly begins. Once assembled, each furniture piece is carefully sanded before a quality polyurethane is applied. After a second sanding and coat of polyurethane, the order is ready to be delivered to its new owner. Log stairs and railings come unfinished, so they can be stained to match the house. Visit them online at for more information.