Sacket's Soapworks

Sacket's Soapworks

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The Handmaiden's Garden -Sackets Soapworks & Tea Thyme
Sackets Harbor, NY

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Enjoy this basket of organic handmade soaps from the Handmaiden's Garden, located in Sackets Harbor, NY. This is a collection of 10 soaps, from their sap line and are lovingly handcrafted with organic vegetable oils and butters with pure essential oils for a luxurious bathing experience. Also includes a double sided bath brush with massage knobs on one side. The owners, Fran and Connie Nicolette lovingly produce handcrafted soap and other bath and body care products in their studio located on the premises. They create 4000 lobs of soap annually and another 1000 lbs of lotions and potions. The business includes 3 distinct gift shops in the historic downtown district and are open for business 7 days a week throughout the year. Visit them online at