Oil Lamp

Oil Lamp

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Ms. Liz Artist Representative
Ogdensburg, NY

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Item Name: Oil Lamp

Item Number: 235




Thank you to Ms. Liz Halpen, Artist Representative, for donating our next item. This is a one of a kind oil lamp, made from Ash, designed and handcrafted by Edward M. Basta. Edward uses the finest domestic woods and each lamp is hand turned on a lathe and oil finished to an incredibly smooth finish. The small flame evokes a soft mellow mood meant to be enjoyed and add tranquility to your busy life. Each lamp is signed by the artist and protective pads are incorporated in the design to prevent furniture marring. This package includes an additional disposable oil canister, which burns for approximately 12 hours. Edward Basta is a native of Northern New York and loves to combine art and nature. Ed also creates Woodscapes and Encaustic Art, his work has been displayed throughout the Northeast. For more information or to view Edward's work, please visit MsLizBHalpen.com. EXPIRES DECEMBER 2, 2013