One Hour Trail Ride for 2

One Hour Trail Ride for 2

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Adirondack Saddle Tours
Eagle Bay, NY

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Item Name: One Hour Trail Ride for 2

Item Number: 228_229




Thank you to Adirondack Saddle Tours, located in Inlet, NY for our next item up for bids. Do you love horseback riding or know someone who does? If so, this is the item for you! This is a one hour trail ride for two people. Adirondack Saddle Tours Inc. has offered horseback riding in the Adirondack wilderness for over 27 years and offers some of the best horseback rides in the northeast. They are now getting more involved with diffferent Therapeutic riding, so anyone interested please call. They offer exceptional deals to the handicapped, they would love to work with you! EXPIRES DECEMBER 31, 2014 MUST CALL IN ADVANCE FOR RESERVATIONS 315-390-4005;BASED ON AVAILABILITY; WILL WORK WITH ANYONE WITH A DISABLITITY