Honey & Coffee Gift Pkg

Honey & Coffee Gift Pkg

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Good Earth Honey
Watertown, NY

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Item Name: Honey & Coffee Gift Pkg

Item Number: 222




Our next item up for bids, comes to us from two local businesses, Good Earth Honey and Christman Roasters. Good Earth Honey has donated a gift bag that includes four hand rolled, beeswax pillar candles, a small beeswax candle, 2 lbs. of honey and 1 lb. of creamed honey. All products are certified naturally grown. Find them online at GoodEarthHoney.com. Christman Roasters, a local coffee roaster located in Philadelphia, NY, has donated three 1 lb. bags of whole bean coffee. Enjoy one bag of T.I. Breakfast Blend and 2 bags of Black River Deep Dark.