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Peru, NY

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Item Name: Yearning-Sculpture

Item Number: 207




Thank you to John Kokoszka and Koko Gallery for our next item. John states that the stretching of the objects on the sculpture make him feel that the piece is yearning for something. A viewer could see other things in this piece, perhaps birds flying, or else beautiful colors flowing through the sky. It has a lovely feel to it , in a subtle kind of way. John Kokoszka works on his welded iron sculptures in a 150 year old barn in Peru, NY. John graduated with his BA from SUNY Plattsburgh under the direction of Sculpture Professor Don Osborn. John's work can be seen throughout the North Country and at Stone Ledge Sculpture Garden located in Peru, NY. John's rendition of the Last Supper, which is life size, can be seen at Stone Ledge Sculpture Garden. His work has been shown in the North Country as well as Canada, California, Illinois and down the East Coast. John is currently working on a life size rendition of Goya's Third of May.