Turkey Giclee Print

Turkey Giclee Print

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Stony Creek Wildlife Prints
Adams, NY

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Item Name: Turkey Giclee Print

Item Number: 198




Thank you to Stony Creek Wildlife Prints and Susan McIntosh Peebles for donating this beautiful piece of artwork. This piece, entitled Turkey, was painted by Leo H. McIntosh, Susan's late husband. Susan started Stony Creek Wildlife Prints to honor Leo's artisitic abilities. Leo was born in Watertown, NY and created approximately 40 paintings, he was also an accomplished decoy and wildlife carver and a Ward Foundation World Champion in the Lem and Steve Ward Shooting Stool Division. His work lives on through this his artwork and we're pleased to be auctioning this rendition of a wild turkey surrounded by the beautiful fall folliage. COPYRIGHT PROTECTED, NO COPIS UNLESS AUTHORIZED BY SUSAN MCINTOSH PEEBLES.