3 Liters Strawsling Wine

3 Liters Strawsling Wine

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Adirondack Winery
Lake George, NY

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Item Name: 3 Liters Strawsling Wine

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Thank you to Adriondack Winery in Lake George, NY for our next item up. This is a three litre bottle of Strawsling Wine. This is a light and refreshing semi-sweet white wine offerin the delightful aroma of fresh-picked strawberries blended with a melange ofhoney, tropical fruit and floral flavors. Pairs nicely with light saladas, sandwiches, mild cheeses, fruity or creamy desserts. At Adirondack Winery , their mission as a small, family owned business is to provide their customers with delicious, award winning quality wines that are all hand crafted locally. Find them online at AdirondackWinery.com.