2 Cases of Pretzels

2 Cases of Pretzels

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Martin's Pretzels
Theresa, NY

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Item Name: 2 Cases of Pretzels

Item Number: 171




Thank you to Martin's Pretzels located in Theresa, NY for this generous donation. We have two cases of pretzels, in the first case there are 12 -8 ounce packages and the second case contains 35 - 4 ounce packages. Martin's sell pretzels in two varieties, salted and unsalted. You can order pretzels by the box. Each three- or six-pound box contains handy single-serving sized portions of pretzels individually wrapped. Think about giving Martin's Pretzels as a gift! These locally produced, handmade, Pennsylvania Dutch style pretzels are available online and also found at the NYC GreenMarkets. Visit them at MartinsPretzels.com.