Wine Tote & Blanket

Wine Tote & Blanket

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Stitch 'n' Art
Watertown, NY

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Item Name: Wine Tote & Blanket

Item Number: 165




Thank you to Stitch N Art for our next two items, a fleece blanket and a woven, wine tote. This wine tote is unique in that it carries the wine bottle horizontally, as it should be carried until opened. Made from tweed, it is trimmed with a colorful ribbon and a grapevine leaf in with a cluster of grapes and the saying Good Wines, Good Friends, Good Times! It measures 14 inches wide by 9 1/2 inches high and includes a velcro to secure the opening. Also included is a purple fleece measuring 48 inches by 60 inches with matching motif and the saying Good Wines and NNY Wine Trails.