Maple Bowl

Maple Bowl

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Sandstone Manor Originals
Seeley's Bay, ON

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Item Name: Maple Bowl

Item Number: 161




Thank you to Doug Mainse of Sandstone Manor Originals for this beautiful piece of environmental art. The ice storm of 1998 damaged many of the great Sugar Maple trees causing a slow dying process. The bacteria working on the sugar in the damaged trees results in spalted wood, the random black lines in the bowl, which Doug refers to as Nature's Artistry. Doug reveals Nature's Art in his large plates and bowls, some of which may be hung on walls. Please visit his studio, a 25 minute drive north of the Thousand Islands Bridge by appointmen or visit him online at one of a kind large wooden bowls, vases and cement flower pots are perfect for homes, cottages, businesses and make excellent gifts! This piece measures 28 inches in diameter and would make lovely centerpiece for a table or as a piece of art to hang on the wall. Doug has included a copper hanger on the back, as well as his signature.