Adult Apron & Book

Adult Apron & Book

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Coco Lassial Apron Co.
Canton, NY

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Item Name: Adult Apron & Book

Item Number: 148




Thank you to Coco Lassial Apron Co. for donating this adult sized terry cloth apron. Along with this apron you'll receive the book entitled, The Giant Book of Garden Solutions, by Jerry Baker. Coco Lassial Apron Co. designs, produces, and sells more functional and fashionable aprons. Whether you want to be the best dressed host, or are looking for an apron that makes household tasks easier, a Coco Lassial apron is for you. Each apron is handmade by a member of the Upstate New York Amish community, ensuring that your apron is made with top quality and care. The terrycloth towel apron skirt provides a convenient place to wipe your hands, dry a dish, or wipe off a counter. The apron pocket provides quick and easy access to your cell phone, music player, or utensils. The apron ruffle, flattering design, and fashionable prints are so attractive; you will want to wear your Coco Lassial apron everywhere.